Entry #1

So...this is late...

2014-04-10 19:00:38 by RinOfWater

I probably should have posted something like this when I, you know, STARTED the account, but no, that would ahve been the smart thing to do. So, months later, this nobody sits in front of her computer and hopes that someone will see this.

So, I'm RinOfWater (duh), but you can call me Arien. I love music and would love to make a career out of it (if I could manage some noteriety on the interwebs, of course). I enjoy reading and writing, and am a total video game geek. My instruments of choice are the piano and the voice, and I prefer to use midi to record. I already have a couple of songs uploaded, if you wanna check them out (hint hint). I would love to get some feedback, too, because I can't improve if I can't get feedback.

Yeah...this post is basically a "Why u no pay attention, internet?!" post...enjoy.


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