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So, I'm RinOfWater, or Arien, if you feel the need to be smart-ass (if you don't get it, say Arien out loud and then spell out Rin out loud...:P) I have a passion for music, among other things, and I'd love to hear what you people think of my songs...

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First off, it's 2015. Scary shit, right there for an adolescent senslessly worried about after-high school stuff. I really need to get to recording these songs I have in my head...almost all of them involve me singing, so we'll see how that goes...my mic's not as great as I would like, but the last time I tried to use a really good mic, it nurfed my laptop...of course, I'm on a desktop, now, so...chances, right?

Second off, I just discovered what my user name actually meant. The Rin came around as a shortened form of "Rinku," which, if any otakus follow Legend of Zelda very closely, is what they call Link in Japan because they don't have an "L" and the only consonent that's ever by itself is "n." This was part of my initial username on other sites, but then grew up a little and wanted a cooler name than some Japanese thing or whatever. Someone was bugging me to find out what "Rin" menat in Japanese and I kept insisting that it was just a name, but to shut this person up, I had to look it up, anyway (because my Japanese vocabulary allows me to hold a basic conversation at best).

Google Translate (for all that I feel like I can't trust it) says it means phosphorous. I'm dubious, but if that IS right, then...phosphorous glows in water...I'm RinofWater...so I guess I glow, now...? Apparently, I'm pale enough for that to be believable, but still...how the fuck did that happen when taht was nowhere near what I intended with the name in the first place...?

I'm sure most of you don't care about that, though, but I found it bizzare. Anyway, hopefully I'll have new music up on the portal, soon...we'll see what happens. Now, this is late (obviously) but...Happy New Years, people.

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